Major Los Peñasquitos field experiment complete!

As part of her dissertation work, Maddie led a large field experiment in Los Peñasquitos Lagoon that just recently wrapped up. In addition to her typical deployments (pressure sensors, current meters, salinity/temperature sensors, etc.) she also deployed a Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS) which consists of a long cable that can effectively measure temperature at very high spatial resolution. This month-long deployment required going to the lagoon multiple times per week to collect data and check on equipment.

Heitor presents at the 2017 UCSD URC

Heitor presented his research in our group at the 2017 UCSD Undergraduate Research Conference and got excellent feedback! Very excited to have him working with us and expanding upon an interactive model visualization tool which we hope to release by this coming summer!!

Heitor presenting at one of our past group meetings x infinity! He had to connect to another computer via video conference in order to present so it resulted in an infinite string of images of himself!



Angelica and Maddie are PhD Candidates!!!

Congratulations to Angelica Rodriguez and Maddie Harvey for passing their qualifying exams! Angelica advanced to candidacy on 21 March 2017 and Maddie advanced to candidacy on 6 December 2017. I am super proud of my students, they are all doing an excellent job! Here they are engulfing Angelica in a hug after her post-quals celebratory lunch!




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