What a Ride!

We just came back from a very successful trip on SIO’s newest research vessel Sally Ride.  We recovered two coupled passive-active acoustic moorings that were purchased using a DURIP award from their first test deployment.  It was a great test and we now have a lot of data to go through!  The exciting part of the trip is that it was a science verification cruise for the Sally Ride; we were only the third group to conduct science on the vessel. Overall, we were very happy with it, especially with how quiet this ship is in comparison to any other we’ve been on.  In addition to the science parties on board, we also had quite a bit of media presence.  There has been a lot of interest in our new vessel and we sailed with reporters from ONR, KPBS, and our own SIO Communications Office.  Below are the links to the cool stories they wrote about our voyage.  Enjoy!

Two stories from our cruise were featured on the Department of Defense website: one introducing the ship and the other describing some of the research facilities on the R/V Sally Ride.  Below you can also check out the video from ONR’s YouTube channelKPBS story also features nice videos of the ship.  And last but certainly not least, it is worth noting that this was a student-led cruise, one of many reasons Scripps is a wonderful place to get your oceanography degree!