During the spring quarter, Dr. Širović generally contributes to the teaching of:

SIO 136: Marine Biology Lab
Labs on anatomy, hearing and sound production by marine mammals and fishes.

SIO 133: Marine Mammal Biology
Guest lecturer in the Marine Mammal Biology class, generally covering topics on mysticete communication, biodiveristy, and climate change.

Office hours are by appointment.


In the lab, we’ve had students from the ESYS program, as well as master’s and doctoral students at SIO.  If you are interested in marine bioacoustics and our research program sounds appealing, contact Dr. Širović for more information on joining the lab.  Please include your CV, detailed interests, and overall goals.

Committee service:
Ph.D.: Elizabeth Vu (SIO) Thesis topic: Baleen whale habitat modeling using passive acoustic recordings

Past students
Summer Interns (via SURF or MPL summer internship programs):
2015: Arina Favilla (SURF), Alan Mason (MPL)
2013: Emily Chou (MPL)
2012: Sarah Friedman, Ally Rice, Maddie White (all MPL)
2011: Becca Frowine (MPL)

Master’s students:
Tye Nichols, M.S. (SDSU; committee member) 2014. Boat engine noise induces physiological stress and reduces predation risk in a coastal marine fish

Jasmine Buccowich, M.S. (UCSD; committee member) 2014. Fin whale song variability in the Southern California, from 2008 through 2012

Lindsey Kendall, M.S. (APU; thesis chair) 2010. Construction impacts on the Cook Inlet beluga whale (Delphinapterus leucas) at the Port of Anchorage Marine Terminal Redevelopment Project

Nicole Ward, M.S. (APU; thesis chair) 2010. Monitoring the efficacy of juvenile salmon (Onchorhynchus spp.) off-channel habitat restoration projects in southcentral Alaska