Climate Science and Policy Affiliated Faculty

The Climate Science and Policy program is supported by a network of faculty and experts who provide subject depth, networking opportunities, and mentorship to each CSP cohort. These include:

Jane Teranes, PhD
Professor, Geosciences Research Division

Research Interests: paleolimnology, holocene high-resolution paleoenvironmental studies, effective teaching strategies for undergradaute interdisciplinary education in earth, environmental and marine sciences 

Lynne Talley, PhD
Professor, Climate, Atmospheric Science, and Physical Oceanography

Research Interests: general circulation, climate change in the oceans, hydrography and water masses

Richard Somerville, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Climate, Atmospheric Science, and Physical Oceanography

Research Interests: geophysical fluid dynamics, thermal convection, predictability, atmospheric modeling, cloud physics, climate

V. Ramanathan (Ram), PhD
Professor, Climate, Atmospheric Science, and Physical Oceanography
Director, Center for Atmospheric Sciences

Research Interests: atmospheric brown clouds, air-sea interactions, climate change mitigation, earth radiation budget measurements, lightweight unmanned aircraft vehicles as research platforms 

Samuel Shen, PhD
Visiting Research Mathematician, Climate, Atmospheric Science, and Physical Oceanography

Research Interests: error estimate of climate data, optimal gridding and averaging of climate data, historical climate data reconstruction, clouds, nonlinear water waves, ocean waves, climate extremes and drought, statistical climate prediction 

David Victor, PhD
Professor, School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS)

Research Interests: energy policy, electric power market reform, rural energy development, genetically modified plants and related trade policy, climate-change policy, and the role of technology, innovation and competition in development.

Mark Jacobsen, PhD
Professor, Department of Economics

Research Interests: Energy and environmental policy, fuel economy regulation, public goods

Kate Ricke, PhD
Professor, School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS)

Research Interests: accounting for uncertainty and heterogeneity, regional climate effects, solar geo-engineering international relations, decadal climate variability's influence on international climate agreements. 

Marty Ralph, PhD
Professor, Climate, Atmospheric Science, and Physical Oceanography

Research Interests: precipitation, hydrometeorology, water resources, observations, atmospheric chemistry 

Dan Lubin, PhD
Professor, Climate, Atmospheric Science, and Physical Oceanography

Isabel Rivera-Collazo, PhD
Professor, Anthropology / Professor, Climate, Atmospheric Science, and Physical Oceanography

Research Interests: the effect that human activity has over island ecosystems through time, as well as how people have responded to climatic and environmental change in the past. Focuses on resilience and adaptation. 

Tarik Benmarhnia, PhD
Professor, Climate, Atmospheric Science, and Physical Oceanography
Family Medicine and Public Health

Research Interests: environmental epidemiology, social epidemiology, climate change and health, climate change impacts and adaptation, policy evaluation, air pollution and health, environmental justice

Jennifer Burney, Ph.D.
Professor, School of Global Policy and Strategy | National Geographic Explorers 

Research Interests: global food security, mitigating climate change, poverty alleviation, agricultural adaptation, "energy poverty", climate impacts on agriculture. 

Kim Prather, Ph.D
Professor, Climate, Atmospheric Science & Physical Oceanography

Research Interests: marine biology impacts on clouds and climate, air-sea exchange, aerosol-cloud interactions, on-line analysis of aerosol mixing state, education and outreach activities for the public, improvement of weather forecast models, impacts of long range transport on regional climate in California (CalWater)

Ralph Keeling, Ph.D.
Professor, Geosciences Research Division

Research Interests: measurements of variations in atmospheric oxygen, recent perturbations to the global carbon cycle, air-sea gas exchange, detection of ocean heat storage and transport using atmospheric gases, paleoclimate theory