Summer Bootcamp

Students tour the Poseidon desalination plant in Carlsbad.

All CSP students must enroll in the summer program, an intensive, 12-unit course that features an intensive Climate Math "Bootcamp" and a comprehensive training in climate science communication (@Climate). @Climate classes are typically taught in one-week thematic modules. Refer to the Summer Course Syllabi for more information.

Classes run 7.5 weeks and are taught at Scripps Institution of Oceanography and begin at 9:00am and usually end by 5:00 pm, five days a week.

The summer session for the academic year 2018-19 will begin in late July, 2018.

Summer courses

SIOC 290: Climate Math

This is a preparatory mathematics class for climate sciences, specifically designed to review math concepts vital to understanding climate science in preparation for SIOC 210 and SIOC 217A. The course will use statistical methods to understand the observed climate records, calculus to investigate Earth's radiation budget, and vector rotation to introduce the dynamics and transport of the atmosphere and ocean. Letter grades only. 

SIOC 291S: @Climate

This is a course in climate communication. Students will develop a broad understanding of different concepts in communicating climate science to policymakers and public. In this modular course students will develop an integrated skill set in translating complex scientific concepts, visualization of scientific data for lay audience, supporting decision makers by conducting in-depth analysis of climate- and energy-related policies,  making headway in climate policy negotiations recognizing differing agendas and priorities, active engagement with stakeholders via knowledge exchange and experiential communication, and designing campaigns to influence resource conservation behaviors for relevant audiences.