Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)

Brett Garner points to a slide at a lecture for MAS MBC students.

The Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) is a fully accredited master's degree conferred by the University of California, San Diego. 

The MAS degree is part of a statewide project of the University of California in response to the need to expand the career potential and bring academic rigor to professionals in various fields. Scripps Institution of Oceanography manages the curriculum for two professional graduate degrees:

Marine Biodiversity and Conservation (MBC)

The MAS degree in Marine Biodiversity is a full-time, 12-month program, which starts each summer and continues through mid-June of the following year. A distinctive element of the Master Degree in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation program is that it is highly interdisciplinary. In addition to courses taken at Scripps, students are required to take courses from the Economics Department, and are strongly encouraged to take classes from other departments at UC San Diego, such as the School of Global Policy & Strategy, Communications, Visual Arts, Anthropology, and Political Science, among many others.

Climate Science and Policy (CSP)

The MAS degree in Climate Science and Policy equips professionals with the knowledge they need to improve society's response to climate change. Like the existing MBC program, the CSP program is focused on development of local capacity and science-based management tools. The program is designed to teach current and future professionals about climate science from the scientific, economic and policy perspectives, as well as provide important cultural and communications skills. In addition to Scripps courses, students also have the benefit of enjoying interdisciplinary studies by taking course offerings from a variety of top-ranked departments at UC San Diego, including the School of Global Policy & Strategy, the Department of Economics, Communications, Visual Arts, and other departments.