Business Office

Marine Physical Lab Business Office

Marine Physical Lab Business Office



Chief Administrative Officer

Anne Footer



Financial matters, contract and grant administration, funding actions, and overall functions of proposal processing and maintenance of record databases are handled through the Contracts and Grants and Accounting Offices.


MPL Business Operations Officer

Irene Xavier


Senior Finance Manager

Natalia Kornoukhova​


Fund Managers

Angela Douglas (for Andrew Dickson, William Kuperman, William Hodgkiss, Janet Shields, Peter Gerstoft, and Heechun Song)

Daniel Gunderson (Fund Manager trainee)

Debi Pollard  (for Mike Buckingham, Peter Lonsdale, Ken Melville, Clarissa Anderson, and Eric Terrill)

Linda Sawyer  (for Simone Baumann-Pickering, Dave Chadwell, Gerald D'Spain, Grant Deane, Kaitlin Frasier, John Hildebrand, Ana Sirovic, Malcolm Stokes, Dariusz Stramski, Rick Reynolds, Aaron Thode, Sean Wiggins, and Peter Worcester)

Tiffany Plengsangtip  (for Matthew Alford, Andrew J. Lucas, Jennifer MacKinnon, Jerry Smith, Gunnar Voet, Robert Pinkel, and Jules Jaffe)

Rose Keuler  (for NOAA Cooperative Institute of Marine Ecosystems and Climate - CIMEC)



Recharges and Billing

Jill Lonsdale - Recharge Manager

Janessa Goncalves - Financial Services Analyst 



Any travel arrangements including computing and the preparation of reimbursement vouchers and expense accounts are handled by the travel office.

BethAnn Clausen (Spiess Hall)

Heather Fryling (Isaacs Hall & MESOM)

Beverly Kennedy (Ritter Hall & Vaughan Hall)

Eva Friedlander (OAR/Keck Building & Nierenberg Hall)

Sienna Thomas (Ritter Hall & Isaacs Hall)



MPL provides support for procurement for all supplies and equipment for fabrications and technical support. All support is provided for the preparation, packing and monitoring of outgoing domestic and foreign shipments, as well as hazmat and customs clearance, inventory coordination, and the delivery of incoming shipments.  For purchase requests, please email

Denise Lewis - Purchasing Administrator

Martha Flores - Purchasing and Shipping Coordinator

Leticia Harrison - Purchasing Coordinator

Annastaccia Gibaud - Purchasing Assistant



All aspects of recruitment, employment and separations, new employee orientation, compensation/classification, employee relations, and labor relations at MPL are handled through the MPL Human Resources Office.  For general HR questions please email

Earline Ventura - HR and Academic Personnel Manager (Academic reviews, leaves & sabbatical requests, H-1B visas, PR etc.)

Tina Nguyen - HR Generalist (Staff HR, new hires, replacements, short-term exceptions, reclassifications, equity increases, etc.), Visiting Scholars, and Postdocs)

Colleen Leach - HR Assistant (Timekeeping, Payroll, Employee Benefits, Graduate Students, J-1 Visas, and Visiting Graduate students)



Full technical support for MPL computer operations. Help with establishing computer accounts, virus protection, email, hardware and software problems are provided.

Rob Renstrom (Scripps IT Services)



Visitor and badge requests are handled by our security office.  Learn more about our Security Requirements and Clearances or contact our Facility Security Officer.