Intern Profiles

Carol M. 

Undergraduate Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Assigned Project: Fish, Camera, Action: Identifying Chorusing Fish Species in the La Jolla Kelp Forest

Principal InvestigatorAna Sirovic

Project Responsibilities: “Develop and test the hardware and software to create a camera timelapse, then begin extending that project further towards the goal of creating a sensor-actuator relationship between a hydrophone array and a Sony camera.”

I found helpful: “My hardware/software knowledge was helpful but didn't completely align with what I was doing. Most of my engineering education did not help me at all except that I have a lot of experience problem solving.

Jill G. 

Undergraduate Major: Mechanical Engineering

Assigned Project: Detecting Life: A Two-Stage Threshold Detector For Fish Calls in the Gulf of Mexico

Principal InvestigatorAna Sirovic

Project Responsibilities: “Helped a graduate student with data collection for research project on fish in the Cayman Islands. Halfway through, transitioned to my own project of using a detector and convolutional neural network classifier to detect and classify fish calls in the Gulf of Mexico near the site of the BP oil spill.”

I found helpful: “Experience with MATLAB data processing was definitely beneficial to the work I did."

Bob S. 

Undergraduate Major: Electrical Engineering

Assigned Project: Time of Flight: Measuring Water Current Velocity With Ultrasonic Transducers

Principal InvestigatorMatthew Alford & Andrew Lucas 

Project Responsibilities: “Responsible for testing and calibrating time to digital converters and ultrasonic transducers which would be used to make a water velocity sensor. In addition to working with the electronics, was also responsible for CADing and machining test equipment and for helping out with general lab tasks.”

I found helpful: “My engineering background was a huge help during my internship, but my past experiences on extracurricular project teams were just as helpful, if not more helpful, than my classes. As a part of my project teams, I gained the skills and hands-on experiences that really helped me to thrive in an actual engineering environment. In particular, having prior programming, CADing, and soldering experience helped immensely, though I'm sure I would have been fine without these skills too. Everyone in the lab was more than willing to teach me the skills that I needed."