MPL consists of specialized research labs & groups within different research topics each structured to meet their own individual needs.  A variety of skills resides within each research group to meet the needs of the projects.  At the same time, an informal interchange of personnel between groups allows the relatively small laboratory staff to accommodate the variable work load required of many projects.

Headed by the lead Principal Investigators, research groups are structured with the design, fabrication, and test of experimental instrumentation.  At-sea experiments are then conducted to take measurements and collect data to be analyzed and processed further.

In order to carry out these projects, MPL maintains a complete research & development machine shop capable of carrying out fabrication tasks ranging form precision tool and die machining to ship-fitting for expeditions.  Each research group maintains excellent electronic instrument design, fabrication, calibration and testing facilities for work at all ocean depths and the marine atmosphere.

The interactions of our laboratory research staff with the scientific community and the key role that MPL plays in the Applied Ocean Science Curriculum, and interdepartmental graduate program at UC San Diego, provides a strong coupling with the academic environment at the University.  Both graduate and undergraduate students play an integral role in our research programs and obtain an appreciation of ocean science and technology.  In turn, the scientific community, industry and DOD sponsored research is enriched by the diverse and practical experience that these students receive.