Follow Scripps Oceanography at COP21 beginning Nov. 30 UC San Diego to Send Delegation to COP21 Researchers and students to bring science aimed at understanding and protecting the planet to international climate negotiations
Nov 25, 2015
George Hemingway Obituary Notice: George Hemingway: Thirty-Year Scripps Biological Oceanographer Seagoing scientist renowned for contributions to CalCOFI program, forging ties with Mexican researchers
Nov 25, 2015
three Scientists Named ASLO Sustaining Fellows Three Scripps Professors Named ASLO Sustaining Fellows 2015 Fellows honored for their contribution to the aquatic sciences
Nov 24, 2015
Photo of the Week: Antarctic Radar Collecting and analyzing detailed atmospheric and cloud data
Nov 24, 2015
Six chefs and plates of food Culinary Sustainability: An Evening of Food and Fun Sea-to-table culinary event honored Director’s Circle members at Scripps Oceanography
Nov 24, 2015
Scientists research leopard seals in Antarctica. Research Highlight: Peeking into the Underwater World of Leopard Seals Scripps grad student uses Crittercam video to gain rare glimpse into the underwater foraging ecology of an Antarctic top predator
Nov 19, 2015
Sea urchin embryo Researchers Find an Unexpected Protein Function in Sea Urchin Embryo Development Finding could lead to new strategies to target disease-relevant proteins
Nov 18, 2015
Experimental model diatom Moore Foundation to Fund Scripps Scientist to Optimize Genome Editing Technology in Marine Microalgae Scripps Oceanography’s Andrew Allen to be supported through the foundation’s Experimental Model Systems initiative
Nov 17, 2015
Servicing a seismic station in subzero temperatures and high winds. Photo courtesy of Spencer Niebuhr From the Field: Chilean Tsunami Rocks Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf Chance timing leads to first seismic observations of tsunami impacts on an ice shelf
Nov 13, 2015
Cold-water corals vulnerable to warming, acidification in Mediterranean canyons. Photo: N. Le Bris, LECOB, Fondation Total–UPMC Around the Pier: Deep-Ocean Protections May Help Mitigate Climate Change On the eve of major climate negotiations, researchers argue that potential for long-term damage to deep oceans requires international agreement to lessen human disturbances
Nov 12, 2015