A Scientist’s Life: Jade d’Alpoim Guedes

Archaeologist considers how history can guide society as it deals with climate change

Lake Sonoma. Sonoma Water is a founding member of the Water Affiliates Group.

New Water Affiliates Group Forms at Scripps’ Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes

A new membership program at Scripps Institution of Oceanography leverages the latest atmospheric river science to optimize water resource management

Remnants of the Wordie Ice Shelf on the Antarctic Peninsula

Satellite Record Gives Unprecedented View of Antarctic Ice Shelf Melt Pattern over 25 Years

New estimates of ice shelf melting around Antarctica since the 1990s show where and when ice has been lost and where meltwater entered the Southern Ocean

Oroville Dam

Researchers Identify Factor Behind 2017 Oroville Dam Spillways Incident

Heavy snowmelt delivered a surge of runoff to Feather River and Lake Oroville

Researcher Sarah Giddings in an estuary.

El Niño Impacts on Southern California Estuaries Reveal Potential for More Frequent Closures

Winter storms in 2015-2016 emphasized vulnerability of estuaries that have natural, intermittent mouth closures, compared to those which stay open throughout the year

Photo of the Week: Scripps in the Sky

Studying atmospheric rivers by flying through them

A New Consequence of Arctic Sea Ice Melt: Changing Weather at the Equator

Research links sea ice retreat with tropical phenomena including a new kind of El Niño

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Air Force, NOAA to Fly into Atmospheric River Storms Over Pacific Ocean this Winter

Weather reconnaissance flights aim to improve forecasts and understanding of atmospheric rivers

High flows in a tributary to Lake Mendocino after the February 2019 atmospheric river. Photo: CW3E

Atmospheric River Storms Create $1 Billion-a-Year Flood Damage

Researchers calculate damages caused by weather phenomenon in the West over 40-year period

Seismic gear deployed on rough California hillside.

UC San Diego at Epicenter of Earthquake Research

Researchers across campus are trying to improve the understanding and detection of earthquakes

The 2017 Thomas Fire. Photo: istockphoto/Carsten Schertzer

Study Bolsters Case that Climate Change Is Driving Many California Wildfires

Connection seen to fivefold jump in area burned

Water flows through Oroville Dam spillway, April 2019. Photo: Calif. Dept. of Water Resources

Research Highlight: Atmospheric Rivers to Become Even More Dominant Source of California Water

Research projects atmospheric rivers will strengthen, bringing greater proportion of annual precipitation

Atmospheric Rivers to Become Even More Dominant Source of California Water Resources and Flooding

Research projects that, as other storms decline, atmospheric rivers will strengthen, bringing greater proportion of annual precipitation

Hand holding sample tube in front of creek

Photo of the Week: Soggy Science

Hitting the field to measure the impact of atmospheric rivers

Atmospheric river hits California. Photo: Jesse Allen, NASA Earth Observatory/ VIIRS satellite.

New Scale to Characterize Strength and Impacts of Atmospheric River Storms

Similar to scales gauging hurricane, wind, or tornado intensity, could aid flood response and water management, especially in the West

UC San Diego Scientists Bringing New Science on Geoengineering, Atmospheric Rivers, Plummeting Oxygen in the Oceans to COP24

New results, policy analysis offered by leading-edge researchers in Katowice, Poland

CW3E Director Marty Ralph with WC-130J aircraft at San Diego's Brown Field. Photo: Erik Jepsen

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Air Force, NOAA Poised to Probe Atmospheric Rivers

Weather reconnaissance flights to be made during peak of storm season

Chris Ford via Flickr

On the Precipice: Study Identifies California Cliffs at Risk of Collapse

A California Sea Grant-funded study provides the largest analysis of cliff erosion throughout the state and provides a new hazard index for determining which areas are at most risk

View of an atmospheric river that made landfall in California on Feb. 16, 2017

California's Climate Future Suggests More Volatility and a Key Role for Atmospheric Rivers

Management of water resources could become more challenging

Northern California Just Surpassed the Wettest Year on Record

Atmospheric rivers, a key focus of Scripps research center, responsible for record-breaking rain

Loop of weekend's landfalling atmospheric river that delivered torrential rains and flooding

Where Was the Most Extreme Precipitation in the West Yesterday?

New alert available through Scripps sends updates of major events

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