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Antenna installation on a microwave tower to connect a nearby fire station to HPWREN. Courtesy of HPWREN/SDSC

CENIC Recognizes Technology Projects to Combat California Wildfires
Scripps HPWREN program among awardees

Attendees of POGO-19

Top Ocean Research Organizations Develop Unified Voice at Scripps Meeting
Global research organization seeks to leverage technological advances to promote ocean protection

Andvord Bay, Antarctica, recently explored by Scripps ecologist Maria Vernet. Photo: Maria Stenzel

Special Notice: Scripps Oceanography Ecologist Statement on What's Next for Larsen C Iceberg
This week's calving event a game changer for life in the Weddell Sea

Larsen C crack in 2016. Photo: John Sonntag/NASA

Special Notice: Statement from Scripps Oceanography Glaciologist on Larsen C Iceberg
Event in itself not necessarily cause for alarm, researcher says


Scripps graduate student Emily Wei.

Scripps Student Spotlight: Emily Wei
Geoscience graduate student uses research to unravel geological processes of the past

Scripps grad students Nicolas Blanc, Erica Ferrer, Garfield Kwan, and Sara Rivera will be attending SACNAS 2018.

Scripps Oceanography Attends the 2018 SACNAS Conference
Q&A with four Scripps graduate students who will be attending the SACNAS Conference, an annual gathering that fosters diversity in science

Scripps Oceanography student Jack Pan.

Scripps Student Spotlight: Jack Pan
Oceanography graduate student is studying how phytoplankton play a role in Antarctic fjords

Scripps graduate student Dara Goldberg.

Scripps Student Spotlight: Dara Goldberg
Geophysics graduate student is studying earthquakes to support early warning efforts