Research Focus

Scripps Oceanography Researcher Receives Young Investigator Award
Researcher is among the 36 awardees from the Office of Naval Research program

Blue Halo Curaçao

Sustaining Fishing and Island Culture in the Caribbean
Scripps alumna, current students work together on ocean management initiative

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown directs statewide mandatory water reductions, April 1, 2015

Coping with Drought
Scripps Research Helps California Manage Water Resources

National Science Foundation Profiles Innovative Ocean Aerosol Program
‘Science Nation’ video explores the quest to understand the influence marine microbes have on climate


A student gives a presentation.

MAS Students Shine at Year-End Symposium
Students presented new research on marine biodiversity and conservation

Scripps Researchers Develop Breakthrough Technology to Characterize Nanoparticles
Scientists' discovery of how to see particles that can’t be seen using a traditional microscope will be available through new start-up

A student showcases his research poster.

Symposium Highlights Undergraduate Research at Scripps
Scripps Undergraduate Research Symposium featured impressive student projects

A wooden building and an older gentleman.

$10,000 Donation Funds Oceanic Exploration
Scripps Emeritus Charles Cox donates to the Hydraulics Laboratory to further investigate the mystery of how an oil film affects waves