Research Focus

Attendees of POGO-19

Top Ocean Research Organizations Develop Unified Voice at Scripps Meeting
Global research organization seeks to leverage technological advances to promote ocean protection

Andvord Bay, Antarctica, recently explored by Scripps ecologist Maria Vernet. Photo: Maria Stenzel

Special Notice: Scripps Oceanography Ecologist Statement on What's Next for Larsen C Iceberg
This week's calving event a game changer for life in the Weddell Sea

Larsen C crack in 2016. Photo: John Sonntag/NASA

Special Notice: Statement from Scripps Oceanography Glaciologist on Larsen C Iceberg
Event in itself not necessarily cause for alarm, researcher says

Loop of weekend's landfalling atmospheric river that delivered torrential rains and flooding

Where Was the Most Extreme Precipitation in the West Yesterday?
New alert available through Scripps sends updates of major events


Film screening

Salty Cinema Series Brings Global Discussion on Plastics to the Big Screen
Scripps Oceanography MAS alumni make a big splash with environmentally conscious film screening series

Marlene Zuk at TEDWomen 2015 presentation

Scripps Lecture: What Evolution Really Tells Us About Sex, Diet and How We Live
Free public Rosenblatt presentation by Marlene Zuk February 8

David Hilton.  Photo: Marc Tule

Obituary Notice: David Hilton
Work on isotope geochemistry and volcanism cited more than 6,000 times

Sally Ride Science Junior Academy students

Lineup of Free Sally Ride Science Workshops at Local Libraries Expands with New Courses
Hands-on workshops led by instructors and students from UC San Diego and Scripps Institution of Oceanography