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Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown directs statewide mandatory water reductions, April 1, 2015

Coping with Drought
Scripps Research Helps California Manage Water Resources

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Reef sensor network

New Study Could Pave Way for an Ocean Acidification Early Warning System for Coral Reefs
Scripps-led team offers improved approach to monitor health of coral reef ecosystems

American Chemical Society to Honor Keeling Curve in June 12 Ceremony
Scripps Oceanography lab monitoring atmospheric CO2 named National Historic Chemical Landmark

Study Reveals Ocean Acidification’s Effects on Shrimp Biology
Increased acidity linked to more calcium in shrimp shells and decreased shrimp transparency

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explorations now | Ocean & Earth Science Magazine

Peak intensity trend in typhoons. Image courtesy of Science Advances

Research Highlight: Typhoons Could Intensify by as Much as 14 Percent by 2100 under a Moderate Climate Change Scenario
Scripps Oceanography-led study links ocean temperatures to peak typhoon intensity

Velella velella seen on San Diego beaches.

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Arriving by the Wind

A Scientist's Life: Ryan Hechinger
Marine biologist considers parasites to study broad ecological questions

From the Porthole | Notices and Campus news

Scripps Oceanography Researcher Receives Young Investigator Award
Researcher is among the 36 awardees from the Office of Naval Research program

Two students stand in front of artwork

Artistic Display Brings Zooplankton into Focus
UCSD student’s new art show inspired by collaboration with the Jaffe Lab at Scripps

Image of ocean eddies. Image: NASA/JPL

Revelle Lecture at Scripps: Overturning Assumptions on Ocean Circulation
Free public presentation on May 19 explores the role of ocean circulation on climate and new research on how it may change in coming decades