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Sea surface temperature anomalies on Nov. 12, 2015. Image: NOAA

El Niño 2015-2016
Scripps researchers help officials prepare for potential coastal impacts and flooding caused by intensified precipitation

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More Than $6 Million Awarded to Scripps-Based Long-Term Ecological Research Program
Renewed NSF funding continues studies of long-term changes of ocean ecosystems off the California coast

Gov. Brown signs SB 1383 into law flanked by Scripps researcher Ramanathan (back row, left) and others. Photo: CA State Sen.

New California Law to Curb Climate Pollutant Emissions Based on Scripps Science
Calif. Governor Jerry Brown signs into law country’s toughest restrictions on methane, soot, refrigerant emissions; a “lifeline” to planet’s 7 billion people, says Scripps researcher

Stu Smith

Obituary Notice: Stuart M. Smith
Head of Scripps Geological Data Center

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explorations now | Ocean & Earth Science Magazine

Scripps geophysicist Walter Munk greets Adm. Harry Harris of U.S. Pacific Command

Photo of the Week: Environmental Intelligence Briefing
Scripps scientists give U.S. Pacific Command a status report on Pacific Rim research

Aurora australis and a laser beam from the High Spectral Resolution Lidar (HSRL) at the AWARE climate observatory in Antarctica

Photo of the Week: Aurora australis and laser beam
Reflected returns provide detailed information about cloud and aerosol layer microphysics

Two women stand by a pier.

Around the Pier: Scripps Alumnae Dive Deep for Conservation
Amber Jackson and Emily Callahan reimagine the future of California’s oil and gas rigs with their organization Blue Latitudes

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Stu Smith

Obituary Notice: Stuart M. Smith
Head of Scripps Geological Data Center


Faculty Profile: Jane Willenbring Joins Scripps Oceanography
Willenbring specializes in using geochemical tools formed by cosmic radiation

Two women at the beach

Scripps Graduate Students Receive High Honors
Graduate Maggie Johnson receives Smithsonian Postdoctoral Fellowship; incoming student Angela Szesciorka awarded NOAA’s Nancy Foster Scholarship