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Awards Received by Scripps

Scripps scientists, students, staff, and alumni are frequent recipients of awards from throughout the global scientific community. The following list of members of prestigious national and international academies and winners of notable prizes are just a few among many important awards received by Scripps scientists throughout history.

Nobel Prize Recipients

Paul Crutzen - Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1995)

Mario J. Molina - Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1995)

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) -
Nobel Peace Prize (2007)

For more information, visit the
Nobel Foundation

National Academy of
Engineering Members

John Dove Isaacs*

William A. Kuperman

William Aaron Nierenberg*

John Orcutt

Kimberly Prather

Dean Roemmich

Fred Noel Spiess*

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National Academy of Engineering.

Fellow of Royal Society

Guy Masters (2005)

John Sclater (1982)

Robert Parker (1989)

Devendra Lal* (1979)

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Fellowship of the Royal Society

Foreign Member
Royal Society

Paul Crutzen (2006)

Walter Munk* (1976)

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Fellowship of the Royal Society

Franklin Award

Lisa Tauxe (2014)

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The Franklin Institute

National Medal of Science

Charles David Keeling* (2001)

Walter Munk* (1983)

Roger Revelle* (1990)

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National Science & Technology Medals Foundation

National Academy
of Sciences Members

James Arnold*

George Edward Backus

Andrew Benson*

Milton Nunn Bramlette*

Edward Crisp Bullard*

Theodore Holmes Bullock*

Charles Cox*

Harmon Craig*

John Crowell

Paul Crutzen

Edward D. Goldberg*

Charles David Keeling*

Russ E. Davis

Carl Henry Eckart*

Albert Edward John Engel*

Walter Maurice Elsasser*

Edward Frieman*

James Freeman Gilbert*

John Dove Isaacs*

Jeremy Jackson

Charles F. Kennel

Devendra Lal*

Carl Leavitt Hubbs*

Henry William Menard*

John Wilder Miles*

Mario J. Molina

Walter Munk*

Jerome Namias*

William Aaron Nierenberg*

Kimberly Prather

Veerabhadran Ramanathan

Roger Revelle*

David Sandwell

John G. Sclater

Per Frederik Scholander*

Jeffrey P. Severinghaus

Peter Shearer

George N. Somero

Francis Bertody Sumner*

Harold Ulrik Sverdup*

Lisa Tauxe

Kenneth Watson

William Young

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National Academy of Sciences.


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