Global Inventory of Small-scale Fisheries Researchers

Global Inventory of Small-scale Fisheries Researchers

Too Big to Ignore


SAFRN is a collaborator with Too Big To Ignore (TBTI), a global network for small-scale fisheries research.  TBTI’s currently putting together an inventory of researchers in the field – check out below for more info on this effort & how to add your name/organization to the list!

The Too Big to Ignore (TBTI – see network is
compiling an online inventory of researchers in small-scale fisheries as
part of the development of a global information system for small-scale
fisheries (ISSF). This information will be made available in the future as
an online database with free, public access. Once that happens, there will
be opportunities for each researcher to access and revise or update their
research, creating thus an evolving and dynamic profile of small-scale
fisheries research. Governments, businesses, fishing industries, civil
society organizations, coastal communities and researchers are direct
end-users of this product.

We invite you to fill out the online survey by clicking on the link below:

The survey will take less than five minutes to complete. It will be great if
you can do it by May 15th. Please also forward the survey to other
colleagues in your network.

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