Coronavirus Information for the UC San Diego Community

UC San Diego leaders are working closely with federal and state officials to ensure ongoing safety at the university. To maintain social distancing guidelines Scripps Corporate Relations resources and programs will be available virtually. Learn more and view here.

Scripps Startups

The following companies have spun-out of Scripps and UC San Diego and are rooted in Scripps technologies and expertise.

Del Mar Oceanographic

The Wirewalker by Del Mar Oceanographic is a platform for rapid ocean profiling, using wave power propulsion.


Manta Instruments

Manta manufactures scientific instruments for nanoparticle characterization, including size distribution, concentration, and kinetic processes.


MRV Systems

MRV Systems manufactures and provides deployment services for ARGO floats, autonomous ocean profiling vehicles.


Quad Geometrics

Quad Geometrics provides products and services for earth observation to the energy, mining, surveillance, and research sectors.



California Seaweed Co.

California Seaweed Co. is driven by the vision to supply live native Californian seaweeds to the United States culinary market.

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