Scripps Talent Recruitment

Students at Scripps Institution of Oceanography are the best because they are trained by the best, ready to tackle real-world scientific and technological challenges

Participating in professional development programs and Scripps Corporate Alliance provides opportunities to meet, shape, and hire the next generation of scientists.

  • Host career Q&As and networking events
  • Post career and internship opportunities
  • Sponsor a student fellowship
  • Design new student engagement programs that meet your company’s needs

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Job board for Scripps Institution of Oceanography students and postdoctoral fellows

Access the Scripps Oceanography industry job board for the Scripps Institution of Oceanography community

New Scripps Corporate Alliance Talent Recruitment Portal

You will be re-directed to a password protected portal to search and view student professional information including resumes for direct talent recruitment

Visit Scripps Corporate Alliance for more information about access to this portal

Talent Recruitment Portal

Students, to submit your information to appear in the portal please access this form with your UC San Diego G-Mail account

UC San Diego Talent Recruitment Services

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