CNAP Climate Tools

Climate Outcome Likelihood tool

Determine the likelihood of recovering a precipitation deficit or reaching a
precipitation threshold during some future period based on historic station data.


Climate monitoring and data access for the state of California


Access to climatological and meteorological data and information for areas in
and around the Lake Tahoe Basin, CA and NV

California Climate Tracker

Statewide and regional temperature and precipitation maps and
time series graphics based.

Nevada Climate Tracker

Statewide temperature and precipitation maps and time series graphics.

Great Basin Dashboard

Many sources of weather and climate information pertinent to
the Great Basin in one convenient location

Westwide Drought Tracker

Statewide and regional maps and time series graphs of temperature,
precipitation and drought indices based on the PRISM dataset.

Useful Weather and Climate Tools


Find the latest precipitation, streamflow, freezing level forecasts
and verification for California and Nevada


Find the latest extreme precipitation and AR forecasts and updates

ESRL Mapping Page

Look at the current status of climate oscillations, sea surface temperatures
and other large scale weather and climate features


Learn all about the climate and weather data achieved by NOAA at NCEI
(National Center for Environmental Information).