Special note on May 9, 2013 reading

May 10 Comment:
NOAA has reported 400.03 for May 9, 2013, while Scripps has reported 399.73. The difference partly reflects different reporting periods. NOAA uses UTC, whereas Scripps uses local time in Hawaii to define the 24-hr reporting period. If Scripps were to use same reporting period as NOAA, we would report 400.08 for May 9.

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  1. Many many things can be said at this uniquely ominous moment in time, when all of New York City is busy moving “to and fro for the sake of the objective”, a few taking a moment of appreciate the beauty left in life. Such as a walk along Riverside Park or deep in Central Park, or taking a break to appreciate girls in yoga pants; god, thanks for yoga pants.

    One very opportune quote that springs to mind at the moment: “So long and thanks for all the fish”.

    But not to worry, Nature will take care of it all, Nature will completely recycle our trash, will completely neutralize our hazardous waste, will renew various energy sources and cleanse our commons, restock and bundle up all things and make them aplenty again.

    Of course it will take 5-10million years for the recycling and likely >300million years more for the re-bundling. By then there won’t be such a concept as “ours” and surely nary a memory of what our phyla did while it ruled and dominated; but, having rebuked stewardship of the commons opted for monetization of the ecos, did we ever deserved the chance?

    1. I could not agree more! “We” are not an issue – the Lonely Planet will take care of itself. The only issue for us is that the planet doesn’t care.

  2. It is a sad day indeed for humanity.We were handed a garden of Eden to rule over with velvet gloves. Instead we ruled with an iron fist… and now we shall reap the rewards of our mis-guided stewardship. It may take a year or 10 years (nature does not move by our timelines). It is sad that we humans especially the ones at the top as well as the scientists believe we can engineer ourselves out of our predicament.

  3. I would hope that this could be a wake-up call, rather than merely prompt votes for what the next landmark target reading will be.

    There is a solution to the climate crisis which will save us all, but if sceptics are unwilling to take note of the evident climate, are they likely to give credence to its solution? The real problem is us: our intransigence. That intransigence will determine how much we will suffer from the climate crisis before we call for help.

  4. Not the best news in the short term but we should realize that if we did nothing, another Ice Age will occur. This could be the very tool, God gave us, to prevent its arrival.

    1. Sadly, you are mistaken. The kind of heat we are ramping up currently will create far more problems than it will solve.

      Might I suggest you read this: Are we heading into a new little ice age?

      In very old Jewish scripture, G-d warns Adam and Eve that if they or their progeny screw up the earth they were given, no one would fix it for them. Lots of people say, “God promised not to destroy the world, so I’m not worried about climate change.” It’s funny, though, that nowhere does it say that we—who are ostensibly charged with the stewardship of the planet—will not be allowed to ruin it for ourselves.

      At the very least, take time to consider the idea that perhaps—if G-d has anything to do with it—this is rather a test on how much you really love the world you’ve been given, how much you really appreciate it.

      1. Good morning,

        I quite agree re: problems in store, also on these times being a touchstone for how human nature. I dont believe the Almighty caused this – its due to our lack of foresight, and to our intransigence when we realised what we’d done. However we weren’t created to be destroyed, and His words in Eden were a warning of consequences. If it would interest you, there is a short encouraging text at our website on this – not judgemental or ‘must believe’, just encouraging to take away the fear for the future. Follow the ‘Divine Rescue’ icon and you’ll find the pdf.

        1. I appreciate your kindness, truly. However, I am an apatheist; I find religion interesting for a lot of reasons, but I harbor no belief in any deity. So it goes without saying that I do not think, expect, nor believe that any “rescue” is forthcoming.

          My contribution here must be limited (I try to maintain site-specific comments as a matter of respect for the site’s maintainers and authors). What I must say, however, is that I worry that too many people are expecting some form of miracle to save them, whether a divine one or a scientific one, when the reality is much less certain and quite a lot more complex.

          Personally, I would feel guilty if I was seeking comfort from anyone or anything—at least where climate change is concerned. Why? Because it leaves others in the lurch, others who are fighting the good fight to motivate people (nations, governments) to take necessary steps. While you might not believe that they are necessary steps, I beg you to consider the possibility that you are wrong. Humility and an aversion to hubris, it seems to me, should dictate that you consider such a possibility.

          We have now concluded the mutual outreach effort. Thank you for your time and consideration.

          Take care, and be well.

          1. you misconstrue – I speak on-topic, have no love for any religion, I encourage and yearn for every effort to abate the crisis, and speak of no ‘selective’ rescue.

            There is simple reason to the notion I mention, enough to encourage credence without recourse to belief. While it is customary to disregard the Divine, humility and an aversion to hubris – especially in these dreadful circumstances – would make its consideration worthwhile, especially as we are rapidly running out of options.

            If we have now reached the conclusion of the ‘mutual outreach method’ in a respectful spirit, I bid you well.

  5. This is as I suspected since my home in New Mexico has been experiencing weather extremes unlike any of my past. Despite critics both pro and con about Global Warming/Climate change no harm would occur if human beings would simply recycle where possible and employ fuel cell vehicles when appropriate. As a firm believer that we are causing damage to our planet regardless of extent why not do what we can when we can??? If no change occurs then no foul, if some change occurs then still no foul yet if a possible solution occurs then we have a cleaner tomorrow as will our offspring and everyone wins!!! I will always elect possibilities over failure by doing nothing!!!

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