Newport Pier Sampling Station

Newport Beach
33° 36.0 ‘ N, 117° 56.0’ W
Temperature, Salinity

City of Newport Beach lifeguards record the daily temperature from a fixed thermistor and take a daily surface salinity sample from the waters surrounding the Newport Pier, which is located about two miles from the mouth of the Santa Ana River. Analysis of these salinity samples indicates that they reflect oceanic conditions except during winter storms when the salinity is strongly affected by runoff from the river. During the first half of this century, these data were recorded predominantly from the Balboa Pier, which is located just 1.7 miles southeast of the Newport Pier. For the last several decades, however, the data has been collected almost exclusively from the Newport Pier. These sites are so similar that the data collected from either location are consistent with the long-term record.


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Newport Pier measurements collected by the City of Newport Beach Marine Operations Division. Data provided by the Shore Stations Program sponsored at Scripps Institution of Oceanography by California State Parks, Division of Boating and Waterways. Contact:

Newport Pier Sampling Station



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Surface data: 1925 to present


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