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APL-UW SAR imagery of the New River Inlet

The image below is an overlay of a SAR intensity image recorded by the APL-UW dual-beam along-track interferometric microASAR system (the microASAR units are developed by Artemis, Inc., This data was recorded on May 2 at 11:55 EDT during the low tide. A Google Earth version of this image (KMZ file) can be downloaded from

The width of the image is around 3 km. Breaking waves around the inlet are not focused correctly by the SAR processing code because their Doppler shift is non-zero. However, the regions in which active breaking is clear. Patches of increased surface roughness, possibly due to lines of convergence, and also slicks are evident in the inlet and river.

We will be using this data to form interferograms from which we will estimate surface velocity.

New River Inlet Plume

Here are some photographs of the New River Inlet plume that were taken during the morning low tide on Wednesday, May 2 (low tide was 10:49 EDT) form the APL-UW Cessna 172. These photographs were taken between 10:30 and 11:00 EDT. Multiple lobes of the plume may indicate flow through different channels in the inlet. A secondary plume characterized by a darker color (e.g., forth photograph) was visible during this time, possibly indicating a source of sediment from further upstream.

RIVET from the air

Airborne operations are underway at RIVET. Below are some photographs of the inlet from the APL-UW test flight on Monday (17:00 – 18:00 local time). Onboard the Cessna 172, we have a dual-beam along-track interferometric synthetic aperture radar, two infrared cameras, and a visible wavelength camera. We will be posting imagery from these sensors as soon as it is available.