Quick Facts about Scripps Oceanography

The People:

• Scripps Institution of Oceanography staff numbers approximately 1,600, including about 100

faculty, more than 400 other scientists, and some 245 graduate students. There are librarians, technicians, ship crews, various specialists, and visitors from many nations involved in the research and educational programs. In addition, Scripps has nearly 700 volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to supporting the research, education and training, and outreach.


The Institution:

• America’s oldest and the world’s largest academic ocean, atmosphere, and earth science institution
• Founded in 1903 and joined the University of California in 1912

• Affiliated with the University of California, San Diego


Scripps Science:

  • Hundreds of research projects in more than 65 nations
  • World leader in study of climate change, earthquakes and other natural disasters, drug-resistant diseases, water shortages, saving marine life, energy alternatives, pollution
  • Four research vessels and FLIP for worldwide ocean exploration, plus a new research vessel to commence operations in 2016


Scripps Education:

  • Graduate degrees conferred in oceanography, marine biology, and earth sciences
  • 45 undergraduate courses in earth science, marine science, and environmental systems taught by top Scripps scientists


Birch Aquarium at Scripps:

  • 405,000 visitors of all ages each year
  • 42,000 schoolchildren benefit from K-12 programs each year
  • Dynamic exhibits connect visitors to ocean/earth science and the innovative research at Scripps


Scripps in the World:

  • Globally: Scripps scientists provide expertise to governments international organizations, and various agencies on topics of global concern
  • Locally: Scripps scientists frequently participate in community forums and events