Acoustics and Infrasound

Most Recent Publications

Investigation Of Gust-seismic Relationships And Applications To Gust Detection (2017) [10.1002/2016jd025858]
Hu, W.; Pryor, S. C.; Letson, F.; Tytell, J.; Barthelmie, R. J.
The Propagation Of Tsunami-generated Acoustic-gravity Waves In The Atmosphere (2016) [10.1175/jas-d-15-0255.1]
Wu, Y.; Smith, S. G. L.; Rottman, J. W.; Broutman, D.; Minster, J. B. H.
Identification And Quantification Of Soundscape Components In The Marginal Ice Zone (2016) [10.1121/1.4945989]
Geyer, F.; Sagen, H.; Hope, G.; Babiker, M.; Worcester, P. F.
Change-point Detection For Recursive Bayesian Geoacoustic Inversions (2015) [10.1121/1.4916887]
Tan, B. A.; Gerstoft, P.; Yardim, C.; Hodgkiss, W. S.
Underwater Acoustic Signatures Of Glacier Calving (2015) [10.1002/2014gl062859]
Glowacki, O.; Deane, G. B.; Moskalik, M.; Blondel, P.; Tegowski, J.; Blaszczyk, M.
Propagation Of Microseisms From The Deep Ocean To Land (2014) [10.1002/2014gl060979]
Ying, Y. Z.; Bean, C. J.; Bromirski, P. D.
Humming Glaciers (2014) [10.1130/g35994.1]
Heeszel, D. S.; Walter, F.; Kilb, D. L.
Forensic Investigation Of A Probable Meteor Sighting Using USArray Acoustic Data (2014) [10.1785/0220140056]
Edwards, W. N.; de Groot-Hedlin, C. D.; Hedlin, M. A. H.