Atmospheric Aerosols and Chemistry

Most Recent Publications

Ambient Mixing Ratios Of Atmospheric Halogenated Compounds At Five Background Stations In China (2017) [10.1016/j.atmosenv.2017.04.017]
Zhang, Gen; Yao, Bo; Vollmer, Martin K.; Montzka, Stephen A.; Mühle, Jens; Weiss, Ray F.; O'Doherty, Simon; Li, Yi; Fang, Shuangxi; Reimann, Stefan
Changing Trends And Emissions Of Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) And Their Hydrofluorocarbon (HFCs) Replacements (2017) [10.5194/acp-17-4641-2017]
Simmonds, P. G.; Rigby, M.; McCulloch, A.; O'Doherty, S.; Young, D.; Mühle, J.; Krummel, P. B.; Steele, P.; Fraser, P. J.; Manning, A. J.; Weiss, R. F.; Salameh, P. K.; Harth, C. M.; Wang, R. H. J.; Prinn, R. G.
Simulating Estimation Of California Fossil Fuel And Biosphere Carbon Dioxide Exchanges Combining In Situ Tower And Satellite Column Observations (2017) [10.1002/2016jd025617]
Fischer, M. L.; Parazoo, N.; Brophy, K.; Cui, X. G.; Jeong, S.; Liu, J. J.; Keeling, R.; Taylor, T. E.; Gurney, K.; Oda, T.; Graven, H.
Modeling The Diurnal Variability Of Agricultural Ammonia In Bakersfield, California, During The CalNex Campaign (2017) [10.5194/acp-17-2721-2017]
Lonsdale, C. R.; Hegarty, J. D.; Cady-Pereira, K. E.; Alvarado, M. J.; Henze, D. K.; Turner, M. D.; Capps, S. L.; Nowak, J. B.; Neuman, A.; Middlebrook, A. M.; Bahreini, R.; Murphy, J. G.; Markovic, M. Z.; VandenBoer, T. C.; Russell, L. M.; Scarino, A. J.
Atmospheric Abundance And Global Emissions Of Perfluorocarbons CF4, C2F6 And C3F8 Since 1800 Inferred From Ice Core, Firn, Air Archive And In Situ Measurements (2016) [10.5194/acp-16-11733-2016]
Trudinger, C. M.; Fraser, P. J.; Etheridge, D. M.; Sturges, W. T.; Vollmer, M. K.; Rigby, M.; Martinerie, P.; Mühle, J.; Worton, D. R.; Krummel, P. B.; Steele, L. P.; Miller, B. R.; Laube, J.; Mani, F. S.; Rayner, P. J.; Harth, C. M.; Witrant, E.; Blunier, T.; Schwander, J.; O'Doherty, S.; Battle, M.
Role Of Atmospheric Oxidation In Recent Methane Growth (2017) [10.1073/pnas.1616426114]
Rigby, Matthew; Montzka, Stephen A.; Prinn, Ronald G.; White, James W. C.; Young, Dickon; O’Doherty, Simon; Lunt, Mark F.; Ganesan, Anita L.; Manning, Alistair J.; Simmonds, Peter G.; Salameh, Peter K.; Harth, Christina M.; Mühle, Jens; Weiss, Ray F.; Fraser, Paul J.; Steele, L. Paul; Krummel, Paul B.; McCulloch, Archie; Park, Sunyoung