Biological Impacts of Climate Change

Most Recent Publications

Caribbean Massive Corals Not Recovering From Repeated Thermal Stress Events During 2005-2013 (2017) [10.1002/ece3.2706]
Neal, B. P.; Khen, A.; Treibitz, T.; Beijbom, O.; O'Connor, G.; Coffroth, M. A.; Knowlton, N.; Kriegman, D.; Mitchell, B. G.; Kline, D. I.
Stress Physiology And Weapon Integrity Of Intertidal Mantis Shrimp Under Future Ocean Conditions (2016) [10.1038/srep38637]
deVries, M. S.; Webb, S. J.; Tu, J.; Cory, E.; Morgan, V.; Sah, R. L.; Deheyn, D. D.; Taylor, J. R. A.
Sea-level Driven Glacial-age Refugia And Post-glacial Mixing On Subtropical Coasts, A Palaeohabitat And Genetic Study (2016) [10.1098/rspb.2016.1571]
Dolby, G. A.; Hechinger, R.; Ellingson, R. A.; Findley, L. T.; Lorda, J.; Jacobs, D. K.
Integrated Regulatory And Metabolic Networks Of The Marine Diatom Phaeodactylum Tricornutum Predict The Response To Rising CO2 Levels (2017) [10.1128/mSystems.00142-16]
Levering, Jennifer; Dupont, Christopher L.; Allen, Andrew E.; Palsson, Bernhard O.; Zengler, Karsten; Lin, Xiaoxia
Assessment Of Net Community Production And Calcification Of A Coral Reef Using A Boundary Layer Approach (2016) [10.1002/2016jc011886]
Takeshita, Y.; McGillis, W.; Briggs, E. M.; Carter, A. L.; Donham, E. M.; Martz, T. R.; Price, N. N.; Smith, J. E.
Guiding Coral Reef Futures In The Anthropocene (2016) [10.1002/fee.1427]
Norstrom, A. V.; Nystrom, M.; Jouffray, J. B.; Folke, C.; Graham, N. A. J.; Moberg, F.; Olsson, P.; Williams, G. J.
Heterotrophy Mitigates The Response Of The Temperate Coral Oculina Arbuscula To Temperature Stress (2016) [10.1002/ece3.2399]
Aichelman, H. E.; Townsend, J. E.; Courtney, T. A.; Baumann, J. H.; Davies, S. W.; Castillo, K. D.
Temperature Regimes Impact Coral Assemblages Along Environmental Gradients On Lagoonal Reefs In Belize (2016) [10.1371/journal.pone.0162098]
Baumann, J. H.; Townsend, J. E.; Courtney, T. A.; Aichelman, H. E.; Davies, S. W.; Lima, F. P.; Castillo, K. D.