Coastal Processes

Most Recent Publications

Automatic Delineation Of Seacliff Limits Using Lidar-derived High-resolution DEMs In Southern California (2016) [10.2112/si76-014]
Palaseanu-Lovejoy, M.; Danielson, J.; Thatcher, C.; Foxgrover, A.; Barnard, P.; Brock, J.; Young, A.
Fate And Transport Of Seacliff Failure Sediment In Southern California (2016) [10.2112/si76-016]
Olsen, M. J.; Johnstone, E.; Driscoll, N.; Kuester, F.; Ashford, S. A.
Morphological Expressions Of Coastal Cliff Erosion Processes In San Diego County (2016) [10.2112/si76-015]
Johnstone, E.; Raymond, J.; Olsen, M. J.; Driscoll, N.
Observations Of Coastal Cliff Base Waves, Sand Levels, And Cliff Top Shaking (2016) [10.1002/esp.3928]
Young, A. P.; Guza, R. T.; O'Reilly, W. C.; Burvingt, O.; Flick, R. E.
Observations And Modeling Of San Diego Beaches During El Nino (2016) [10.1016/j.csr.2016.05.008]
Doria, A.; Guza, R. T.; O'Reilly, W. C.; Yates, M. L.
Nonlinear Forecasting Of Intertidal Shoreface Evolution (2015) [10.1063/1.4931801]
Grimes, D. J.; Cortale, N.; Baker, K.; McNamara, D. E.
Coastal Cliff Ground Motions And Response To Extreme Storm Waves (2015) [10.1002/2014GL062534]
Earlie, Claire S.; Young, Adam P.; Masselink, Gerd; Russell, Paul E.