Coral Reef Biology and Ecology

Most Recent Publications

Hydroacoustics For The Discovery And Quantification Of Nassau Grouper (Epinephelus Striatus) Spawning Aggregations (2017) [10.1007/s00338-017-1542-4]
Egerton, J. P.; Johnson, A. F.; Le Vay, L.; McCoy, C. M.; Semmens, B. X.; Heppell, S. A.; Turner, J. R.
Impact Of Habitat Structure On Fish Populations In Kelp Forests At A Seascape Scale (2016) [10.3354/meps11885]
Sievers, K. T.; Barr, R. J.; Maloney, J. M.; Driscoll, N. W.; Anderson, T. W.
Ocean Productivity May Predict Recruitment Of The Rainbow Wrasse (coris Julis) (2016) [10.1371/journal.pone.0165648]
Fontes, J.; Semmens, B.; Caselle, J. E.; Santos, R. S.; Prakya, R.
Assessment Of Net Community Production And Calcification Of A Coral Reef Using A Boundary Layer Approach (2016) [10.1002/2016jc011886]
Takeshita, Y.; McGillis, W.; Briggs, E. M.; Carter, A. L.; Donham, E. M.; Martz, T. R.; Price, N. N.; Smith, J. E.
Guiding Coral Reef Futures In The Anthropocene (2016) [10.1002/fee.1427]
Norstrom, A. V.; Nystrom, M.; Jouffray, J. B.; Folke, C.; Graham, N. A. J.; Moberg, F.; Olsson, P.; Williams, G. J.
Investigating Functional Redundancy Versus Complementarity In Hawaiian Herbivorous Coral Reef Fishes (2016) [10.1007/s00442-016-3724-0]
Kelly, E. L. A.; Eynaud, Y.; Clements, S. M.; Gleason, M.; Sparks, R. T.; Williams, I. D.; Smith, J. E.
Two Centuries Of Coherent Decadal Climate Variability Across The Pacific North American Region (2016) [10.1002/2016gl069037]
Sanchez, S. C.; Charles, C. D.; Carriquiry, J. D.; Villaescusa, J. A.
Heterotrophy Mitigates The Response Of The Temperate Coral Oculina Arbuscula To Temperature Stress (2016) [10.1002/ece3.2399]
Aichelman, H. E.; Townsend, J. E.; Courtney, T. A.; Baumann, J. H.; Davies, S. W.; Castillo, K. D.
Temperature Regimes Impact Coral Assemblages Along Environmental Gradients On Lagoonal Reefs In Belize (2016) [10.1371/journal.pone.0162098]
Baumann, J. H.; Townsend, J. E.; Courtney, T. A.; Aichelman, H. E.; Davies, S. W.; Lima, F. P.; Castillo, K. D.
Global Microbialization Of Coral Reefs (2016) [10.1038/nmicrobiol.2016.42]
Haas, A. F.; Fairoz, M. F. M.; Kelly, L. W.; Nelson, C. E.; Dinsdale, E. A.; Edwards, R. A.; Giles, S.; Hatay, M.; Hisakawa, N.; Knowles, B.; Lim, Y. W.; Maughan, H.; Pantos, O.; Roach, T. N. F.; Sanchez, S. E.; Silveira, C. B.; Sandin, S.; Smith, J. E.; Rohwer, F.