Ecosystem Dynamics and Theory

Most Recent Publications

Predicting Coastal Algal Blooms In Southern California (2017) [10.1002/ecy.1804]
McGowan, John A.; Deyle, Ethan R.; Ye, Hao; Carter, Melissa L.; Perretti, Charles T.; Seger, Kerri D.; de Verneil, Alain; Sugihara, George
Microbial Eukaryotic Distributions And Diversity Patterns In A Deep-sea Methane Seep Ecosystem (2016) [10.1111/1462-2920.13185]
Pasulka, A. L.; Levin, L. A.; Steele, J. A.; Case, D. H.; Landry, M. R.; Orphan, V. J.
Soil Invertebrates In Australian Rain Gardens And Their Potential Roles In Storage And Processing Of Nitrogen (2016) [10.1016/j.ecoleng.2016.09.005]
Mehring, A. S.; Hatt, B. E.; Kraikittikun, D.; Orelo, B. D.; Rippy, M. A.; Grant, S. B.; Gonzalez, J. P.; Jiang, S. C.; Ambrose, R. F.; Levin, L. A.
Investigating Functional Redundancy Versus Complementarity In Hawaiian Herbivorous Coral Reef Fishes (2016) [10.1007/s00442-016-3724-0]
Kelly, E. L. A.; Eynaud, Y.; Clements, S. M.; Gleason, M.; Sparks, R. T.; Williams, I. D.; Smith, J. E.
Journey Of An Arctic Ice Island (2016) [10.5670/oceanog.2016.30]
Crawford, A. J.; Wadhams, P.; Wagner, T. J. W.; Stern, A.; Abrahamsen, E. P.; Church, I.; Bates, R.; Nicholls, K. W.
Surprising Episodic Recruitment And Growth Of Antarctic Sponges: Implications For Ecological Resilience (2016) [10.1016/j.jembe.2016.05.001]
Dayton, P.; Jarrell, S.; Kim, S.; Thrush, S.; Hammerstrom, K.; Slattery, M.; Parnell, E.
Developing Priority Variables ("ecosystem Essential Ocean Variables" - EEOVs) For Observing Dynamics And Change In Southern Ocean Ecosystems (2016) [10.1016/j.jmarsys.2016.05.003]
Constable, A. J.; Costa, D. P.; Schofield, O.; Newman, L.; Urban, E. R.; Fulton, E. A.; Melbourne-Thomas, J.; Ballerini, T.; Boyd, P. W.; Brandt, A.; de la Mare, W. K.; Edwards, M.; Eleaume, M.; Emmerson, L.; Fennel, K.; Fielding, S.; Griffiths, H.; Gutt, J.; Hindell, M. A.; Hofmann, E. E.; Jennings, S.; La, H. S.; McCurdy, A.; Mitchell, B. G.; Moltmann, T.; Muelbert, M.; Murphy, E.; Press, A. J.; Raymond, B.; Reid, K.; Reiss, C.; Rice, J.; Salter, I.; Smith, D. C.; Song, S.; Southwell, C.; Swadling, K. M.; Van de Putte, A. V.; Zdenka, W.
Full Circumpolar Migration Ensures Evolutionary Unity In The Emperor Penguin (2016) [10.1038/ncomms11842]
Cristofari, R.; Bertorelle, G.; Ancel, A.; Benazzo, A.; Le Maho, Y.; Ponganis, P. J.; Stenseth, N. C.; Trathan, P. N.; Whittington, J. D.; Zanetti, E.; Zitterbart, D. P.; Le Bohec, C.; Trucchi, E.
Ecosystem Models For Fisheries Management: Finding The Sweet Spot (2016) [10.1111/faf.12093]
Collie, J. S.; Botsford, L. W.; Hastings, A.; Kaplan, I. C.; Largier, J. L.; Livingston, P. A.; Plaganyi, E.; Rose, K. A.; Wells, B. K.; Werner, F. E.
Resilience And Stability Of A Pelagic Marine Ecosystem (2016) [10.1098/rspb.2015.1931]
Lindegren, M.; Checkley, D. M.; Ohman, M. D.; Koslow, J. A.; Goericke, R.