Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism

Most Recent Publications

Further Evidence Of The Levantine Iron Age Geomagnetic Anomaly From Georgian Pottery (2017) [10.1002/2016gl071494]
Shaar, R.; Tauxe, L.; Goguitchaichvili, A.; Devidze, M.; Licheli, V.
PmagPy: Software Package For Paleomagnetic Data Analysis And A Bridge To The Magnetics Information Consortium (MagIC) Database (2016) [10.1002/2016GC006307]
Tauxe, L.; Shaar, R.; Jonestrask, L.; Swanson-Hysell, N. L.; Minnett, R.; Koppers, A. A. P.; Constable, C. G.; Jarboe, N.; Gaastra, K.; Fairchild, L.
Six Centuries Of Geomagnetic Intensity Variations Recorded By Royal Judean Stamped Jar Handles (2017) [10.1073/pnas.1615797114]
Ben-Yosef, Erez; Millman, Michael; Shaar, Ron; Tauxe, Lisa; Lipschits, Oded
New Archaeomagnetic Direction Results From China And Their Constraints On Palaeosecular Variation Of The Geomagnetic Field In Eastern Asia (2016) [10.1093/gji/ggw351]
Cai, S. H.; Tauxe, L.; Deng, C. L.; Qin, H. F.; Pan, Y. X.; Jin, G. Y.; Chen, X. X.; Chen, W.; Xie, F.; Zhu, R. X.
Performance Benchmarks For A Next Generation Numerical Dynamo Model (2016) [10.1002/2015gc006159]
Matsui, H.; Heien, E.; Aubert, J.; Aurnou, J. M.; Avery, M.; Brown, B.; Buffett, B. A.; Busse, F.; Christensen, U. R.; Davies, C. J.; Featherstone, N.; Gastine, T.; Glatzmaier, G. A.; Gubbins, D.; Guermond, J. L.; Hayashi, Y. Y.; Hollerbach, R.; Hwang, L. J.; Jackson, A.; Jones, C. A.; Jiang, W. Y.; Kellogg, L. H.; Kuang, W. J.; Landeau, M.; Marti, P.; Olson, P.; Ribeiro, A.; Sasaki, Y.; Schaeffer, N.; Simitev, R. D.; Sheyko, A.; Silva, L.; Stanley, S.; Takahashi, F.; Takehiro, S.; Wicht, J.; Willis, A. P.
The GPlates Portal: Cloud-based Interactive 3D Visualization Of Global Geophysical And Geological Data In A Web Browser (2016) [10.1371/journal.pone.0150883]
Muller, R. D.; Qin, X. D.; Sandwell, D. T.; Dutkiewicz, A.; Williams, S. E.; Flament, N.; Maus, S.; Seton, M.
Palaeomagnetic Field Intensity Variations Suggest Mesoproterozoic Inner-core Nucleation (2015) [10.1038/nature15523]
Biggin, A. J.; Piispa, E. J.; Pesonen, L. J.; Holme, R.; Paterson, G. A.; Veikkolainen, T.; Tauxe, L.