Internal Waves and Ocean Mixing

Most Recent Publications

Observing Subsurface Changes Of Two Anticyclonic Eddies Passing Over The Izu-Ogasawara Ridge (2017) [10.1002/2016gl072163]
Xu, L. X.; Xie, S. P.; Jing, Z.; Wu, L. X.; Liu, Q. Y.; Li, P. L.; Du, Y.
Internal Tides And Deep Diel Fades In Acoustic Intensity (2016) [10.1121/1.4967854]
Andrew W. White; Frank S. Henyey; Rex K. Andrew; James A. Mercer; Peter F. Worcester; Matthew A. Dzieciuch; John A. Colosi
Reflection Of Linear Internal Tides From Realistic Topography: The Tasman Continental Slope (2016) [10.1175/jpo-d-16-0061.1]
Klymak, J. M.; Simmons, H. L.; Braznikov, D.; Kelly, S.; MacKinnon, J. A.; Alford, M. H.; Pinkel, R.; Nash, J. D.
A Snapshot Of Internal Waves And Hydrodynamic Instabilities In The Southern Bay Of Bengal (2016) [10.1002/2016jc011697]
Lozovatsky, I.; Wijesekera, H.; Jarosz, E.; Lilover, M. J.; Pirro, A.; Silver, Z.; Centurioni, L.; Fernando, H. J. S.
Current Generation By Deep-water Breaking Waves (2016) [10.1017/jfm.2016.469]
Pizzo, N. E.; Deike, L.; Melville, W. K.
Warming And Weakening Of The Abyssal Flow Through Samoan Passage (2016) [10.1175/jpo-d-16-0063.1]
Voet, G.; Alford, M. H.; Girton, J. B.; Carter, G. S.; Mickett, J. B.; Klymak, J. M.
A Tale Of Two Spicy Seas (2016) [10.5670/oceanog.2016.38]
MacKinnon, J. A.; Nash, J. D.; Alford, M. H.; Lucas, A. J.; Mickett, J. B.; Shroyer, E. L.; Waterhouse, A. F.; Tandon, A.; Sengupta, D.; Mahadevan, A.; Ravichandran, M.; Pinkel, R.; Rudnick, D. L.; Whalen, C. B.; Alberty, M. S.; Lekha, J. S.; Fine, E. C.; Chaudhuri, D.; Wagner, G. L.