Mathematical and Theoretical Geophysics

Most Recent Publications

Low-frequency Pulse Propagation Over 510km In The Philippine Sea: A Comparison Of Observed And Theoretical Pulse Spreading (2016) [10.1121/1.4954259]
Andrew, R. K.; Ganse, A.; White, A. W.; Mercer, J. A.; Dzieciuch, M. A.; Worcester, P. F.; Colosi, J. A.
Change-point Detection For Recursive Bayesian Geoacoustic Inversions (2015) [10.1121/1.4916887]
Tan, B. A.; Gerstoft, P.; Yardim, C.; Hodgkiss, W. S.
Using Glacier Seismicity For Phase Velocity Measurements And Green's Function Retrieval (2015) []
Walter, Fabian; Roux, Philippe; Roeoesli, Claudia; Lecointre, Albanne; Kilb, Debi; Roux, Pierre-François
Saturation Of Equatorial Inertial Instability (2015) [10.1017/jfm.2015.63]
Kloosterziel, R. C.; Orlandi, P.; Carnevale, G. F.
The Value Of Spatial Information For Determining Well Placement: A Geothermal Example (2014) [10.1190/geo2013-0337.1]
Trainor-Guitton, W. J.; Hoversten, G. M.; Ramirez, A.; Roberts, J.; Juliusson, E.; Key, K.; Mellors, R.