Numerical Modeling

Most Recent Publications

Short-lived Increase In Erosion During The African Humid Period: Evidence From The Northern Kenya Rift (2017) [10.1016/j.epsl.2016.11.017]
Garcin, Yannick; Schildgen, Taylor F.; Torres Acosta, Verónica; Melnick, Daniel; Guillemoteau, Julien; Willenbring, Jane; Strecker, Manfred R.
The Mechanism Of Partial Rupture Of A Locked Megathrust: The Role Of Fault Morphology (2016) [10.1130/g38178.1]
Qiu, Q.; Hill, E. M.; Barbot, S.; Hubbard, J.; Feng, W. P.; Lindsey, E. O.; Feng, L. J.; Dai, K. R.; Samsonov, S. V.; Tapponnier, P.
Time Series Of Temperature In Fram Strait Determined From The 2008-2009 DAMOCLES Acoustic Tomography Measurements And An Ocean Model (2016) [10.1002/2015jc011591]
Sagen, H.; Dushaw, B. D.; Skarsoulis, E. K.; Dumont, D.; Dzieciuch, M. A.; Beszczynska-Moller, A.
Low-frequency Pulse Propagation Over 510km In The Philippine Sea: A Comparison Of Observed And Theoretical Pulse Spreading (2016) [10.1121/1.4954259]
Andrew, R. K.; Ganse, A.; White, A. W.; Mercer, J. A.; Dzieciuch, M. A.; Worcester, P. F.; Colosi, J. A.