Physiology of Marine Organisms

Most Recent Publications

Introducing A Novel Mechanism To Control Heart Rate In The Ancestral Pacific Hagfish (2016) [10.1242/jeb.138198]
Wilson, C. M.; Roa, J. N.; Cox, G. K.; Tresguerres, M.; Farrell, A. P.
Adipogenic Gene Expression In Gilthead Sea Bream Mesenchymal Stem Cells From Different Origin (2016) [10.3389/fendo.2016.00113]
Salmeron, C.; Riera-Heredia, N.; Gutierrez, J.; Navarro, I.; Capilla, E.
Regional Variability In Diving Physiology And Behavior In A Widely Distributed Air-breathing Marine Predator, The South American Sea Lion (Otaria Byronia) (2016) [10.1242/jeb.138677]
Huckstadt, L. A.; Tift, M. S.; Riet-Sapriza, F.; Franco-Trecu, V.; Baylis, A. M. M.; Orben, R. A.; Arnould, J. P. Y.; Sepulveda, M.; Santos-Carvallo, M.; Burns, J. M.; Costa, D. P.
A Protocol For Bioinspired Design: A Ground Sampler Based On Sea Urchin Jaws (2016) [10.3791/53554]
Frank, M. B.; Naleway, S. E.; Wirth, T. S.; Jung, J. Y.; Cheung, C. L.; Loera, F. B.; Medina, S.; Sato, K. N.; Taylor, J. R. A.; McKittrick, J.
Ammonia Excretion In Mytilid Mussels Is Facilitated By Ciliary Beating (2016) [10.1242/jeb.139550]
Thomsen, J.; Himmerkus, N.; Holland, N.; Sartoris, F. J.; Bleich, M.; Tresguerres, M.; J. Exp Biol
Biofluorescence In Catsharks (Scyliorhinidae): Fundamental Description And Relevance For Elasmobranch Visual Ecology (2016) [10.1038/srep24751]
Gruber, D. F.; Loew, E. R.; Deheyn, D. D.; Akkaynak, D.; Gaffney, J. P.; Smith, W. L.; Davis, M. P.; Stern, J. H.; Pieribone, V. A.; Sparks, J. S.