Population and Community Ecology

Most Recent Publications

Resolution, Identification, And Stability Of Broadband Acoustic Arrivals In Fram Strait (2017) [10.1121/1.4978780]
Sagen, H.; Worcester, P. F.; Dzieciuch, M. A.; Geyer, F.; Sandven, S.; Babiker, M.; Beszczynska-Moller, A.; Dushaw, B. D.; Cornuelle, B.
'Whale Wave': Shifting Strategies Structure The Complex Use Of Critical Fjord Habitat By Humpbacks (2017) [10.3354/meps12012]
Keen, E. M.; Wray, J.; Meuter, H.; Thompson, K. L.; Barlow, J. P.; Picard, C. R.
Acoustic Differentiation Of Shiho- And Naisa-type Short-finned Pilot Whales In The Pacific Ocean (2017) [10.1121/1.4974858]
Van Cise, A. M.; Roch, M. A.; Baird, R. W.; Mooney, T. A.; Barlow, J.
A Cryptic Marine Ciliate Feeds On Progametes Of Noctiluca Scintillans (2017) [10.1016/j.protis.2016.08.005]
Zhang, S. W.; Chan, K. Y. K.; Shen, Z.; Cheung, S. Y.; Landry, M. R.; Liu, H. B.
Trematodes With A Reproductive Division Of Labour: Heterophyids Also Have A Soldier Caste And Early Infections Reveal How Colonies Become Structured (2017) [10.1016/j.ijpara.2016.10.003]
Garcia-Vedrenne, A. E.; Quintana, A. C. E.; DeRogatis, A. M.; Dover, C. M.; Lopez, M.; Kuris, A. M.; Hechinger, R. F.
Movement And Occurrence Patterns Of Short-finned Pilot Whales (Globicephala Macrorhynchus) In The Eastern North Pacific (2016) [10.1578/am.42.3.2016.300]
Kendall-Bar, J. M.; Weller, D. W.; Fearnbach, H.; Shane, S.; Schorr, G. S.; Falcone, E. A.; Calambokidis, J.; Schulman-Janiger, A.; Barlow, J.
Redrawing The Map: MtDNA Provides New Insight Into The Distribution And Diversity Of Short-finned Pilot Whales In The Pacific Ocean (2016) [10.1111/mms.12315]
Van Cise, A. M.; Morin, P. A.; Baird, R. W.; Lang, A. R.; Robertson, K. M.; Chivers, S. J.; Brownell, R. L.; Martien, K. K.
Humpback Whale-generated Ambient Noise Levels Provide Insight Into Singers' Spatial Densities (2016) [10.1121/1.4962217]
Seger, K. D.; Thode, A. M.; Urban, J.; Martinez-Loustalot, P.; Jimenez-Lopez, M. E.; Lopez-Arzate, D.
Impact Of Habitat Structure On Fish Populations In Kelp Forests At A Seascape Scale (2016) [10.3354/meps11885]
Sievers, K. T.; Barr, R. J.; Maloney, J. M.; Driscoll, N. W.; Anderson, T. W.