Most Recent Publications

Magma Reservoir Dynamics At Toba Caldera, Indonesia, Recorded By Oxygen Isotope Zoning In Quartz (2017) [10.1038/srep40624]
Budd, D. A.; Troll, V. R.; Deegan, F. M.; Jolis, E. M.; Smith, V. C.; Whitehouse, M. J.; Harris, C.; Freda, C.; Hilton, D. R.; Halldórsson, S. A.; Bindeman, I. N.
Sustaining Persistent Lava Lakes: Observations From High-resolution Gas Measurements At Villarrica Volcano, Chile (2016) [10.1016/j.epsl.2016.09.012]
Moussallam, Y.; Bani, P.; Curtis, A.; Barnie, T.; Moussallam, M.; Peters, N.; Schipper, C. I.; Aiuppa, A.; Giudice, G.; Amigo, A.; Velasquez, G.; Cardona, C.
Distribution Of Sulfur Aerosol Precursors In The SPCZ Released By Continuous Volcanic Degassing At Ambrym, Vanuatu (2016) [10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2015.07.018]
Lefevre, J.; Menkes, C.; Bani, P.; Marchesiello, P.; Curci, G.; Grell, G. A.; Frouin, R.
The Impact Of Degassing On The Oxidation State Of Basaltic Magmas: A Case Study Of Kilauea Volcano (2016) [10.1016/j.epsl.2016.06.031]
Moussallam, Y.; Edmonds, M.; Scaillet, B.; Peters, N.; Gennaro, E.; Sides, I.; Oppenheimer, C.
Seafloor Geodesy From Repeated Sidescan Sonar Surveys (2016) [10.1002/2016jb013025]
DeSanto, J. B.; Sandwell, D. T.; Chadwell, C. D.
Subducted Lithosphere Controls Halogen Enrichments In The Iceland Mantle Plume Source (2016) [10.1130/g37924.1]
Halldórsson, Sæmundur A.; Barnes, Jaime D.; Stefánsson, Andri; Hilton, David R.; Hauri, Erik H.; Marshall, Edward W.
Source Mechanism Of Small Long-period Events At Mount St. Helens In July 2005 Using Template Matching, Phase-weighted Stacking, And Full-waveform Inversion (2015) [10.1002/2015jb012279]
Matoza, R. S.; Chouet, B. A.; Dawson, P. B.; Shearer, P. M.; Haney, M. M.; Waite, G. P.; Moran, S. C.; Mikesell, T. D.
The Evolution Of Volcanic Plume Morphology In Short-lived Eruptions (2015) [10.1130/g36642.1]
Chojnicki, K. N.; Clarke, A. B.; Phillips, J. C.; Adrian, R. J.