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Centers, Labs, and Projects

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Name Director / Principal Investigator Description Type
Atmospheric Acoustics Laboratory DEGROOT-HEDLIN, CATHERINE

We work in several different areas in infrasonics: source studies, propagation modeling, array processing, and wind noise reduction.

Broadband Seismic Data Collection Center (ANZA) VERNON, FRANK

Seismic data for the following regional networks, arrays, and portable deployments.

Data Center
California Spatial Reference Center (CSRC) BOCK, YEHUDA

Maintains a network of GPS control stations to provide a reliable spatial reference system in California.

Geological Data Center (GDC) STOCKS, KAREN

Archiving and providing access to marine geological data, particularly from Scripps vessels.

Collection, Data Center

Develops geophysical instruments including sensors for detection of seismic, infrasonic, and crustal deformation signals.

High Performance Wireless Research and Education Network (HPWREN) VERNON, FRANK

Supports Internet-data applications in the research, education, and public safety realms in San Diego, Riverside, and Imperial counties.