Acquisition of a high-pressure asher for complete, ultra-low blank digestion of lunar and planetary rocks

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State-of-the-art mass spectrometry now allows precise Os (osmium) isotopic measurement of quantities of material totaling between 10-12g (pico-gram) and 10-15g (femto-gram). Natural samples from the Moon often contain these ultra-low level abundances of Os and other highly siderophile elements (Os, Ir, Rh, Ru, Pt, Pd, Au, Re), so a reliably consistent ultra-low blank, complete digestion technique is required to exploit the important geochemical information locked within these materials.  The Anton Paar High Pressure Asher device, the only one of its type on the market, has already proven its worth as a consistent, low blank digestion device of ultra-low abundance samples (e.g., Day et al., 2007; submitted) and of materials that are otherwise difficult to fully digest (e.g., Meisel et al., 2004). For these reasons, the Scripps Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory (SIGL) has obtained one of these instruments to utilize on lunar materials being studied as part of an existing NASA-LASER grant NNX11AG34G ‘Osmium isotope and highly siderophile element abundance studies of lunar rocks’ to the PI. 

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August 2013 to August 2014
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