CAREER: Biogeochemical Modification of Seawater CO2 Chemistry in Near-Shore Environments: Effect of Ocean Acidification

Principal Investigator: 
Proposal Abstract: 

This CAREER proposal has two educational components: 1) developing a research driven ocean acidification/biogeochemistry course based on inquiry-, experience-, and collaborative-based learning, and 2) working with the Ocean Discovery Institute (ODI) to engage individuals from an underrepresented community in San Diego in science through educational activities focused on ocean acidification (OA), and also providing a moderate number of internships for high school and college students to engage in this research project. The research objective aims to evaluate how biogeochemical processes and the relative contribution from net ecosystem production (NEP) and net ecosystem calcification (NEC) modify seawater CO2 chemistry in near-shore environments owing to different benthic communities under well characterized environmental and physical conditions, and how these processes might change in response to OA. I intend to investigate a limited number of contrasting habitats in subtropical and temperate environments during summer and winter, employing a method that evaluates the function and performance of the carbon cycle of a system using a stoichiometric vector approach based on changes in total dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) and total alkalinity (TA). These field studies will be complemented by controlled mesocosm experiments with contrasting and mixed benthic communities under different OA scenarios.

Start and End Date: 
June 2013 to May 2018