Improving Coastal Marine Gravity

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Proposal Abstract: 

We propose to develop improved methods for combining sea surface slope data from Geosat, ERS-1, Envisat, Jason-1, and CryoSat to construct high resolution gravity over the oceans.  Two factors limit the accuracy of present-generation Earth gravity models within ~200 km of the shoreline.  First, ocean tide models are not sufficiently accurate to correct the sea-surface slope data at the desired 1microradian level of accuracy; we propose to develop new, more accurate empirical and dynamical models of tides in shallow water which will incorporate non-repeat altimetry. Second, sub-optimal blending of land and marine gravity fields leads to edge effects near the coastline; we will correct these artifacts by regularized inversion of the Stokes operator which converts sea- surface height gradient to gravity anomaly.

Start and End Date: 
February 2013 to February 2015