Performance and Evaluation of renewable fuel and other Green Shipping Initiatives

Principal Investigator: 
Proposal Abstract: 

This project will undertake a scientifically-rigorous longitudinal study to measure, monitor, and assess the fuel economy, operational performance, mechanical effects, and environmental impact of 100% renewable marine diesel fuel, derived from algal oil and other biofuel feedstocks, in standard marine diesel engines aboard a working research vessel operated by Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Our team will conduct a program of measurements to address fundamental questions about the environmental and functional characteristics of a range of fuels increasingly available to coastal vessel operators, including algae-based renewable marine diesel. The longitudinal study will reflect the actual operating conditions encountered by a variety of diesel vessels operated in ports, harbors, and marinas throughout the state of California.

Our study will be designed to produce scientifically meaningful data on performance, emissions and other measures of environmental impact, and also provide a reliable baseline against which stakeholders (vessel operators, producers of alternative fuels, engine manufacturers, and local communities, and state and federal government agencies) can evaluate the relative merits of longer-term, real-world applications of renewable diesel fuels.

Start and End Date: 
August 2013 to August 2018