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Primary marine aerosol-cloud interactions off the coast of California

"The net effect of a change in the number of available cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) on cloud droplet number concentrations depends on the CCN distribution and the dynamics of the cloud. Examination of the dependence of cloud droplet number concentrations (CDNC) on precursor aerosol concentrations as a function of in-cloud sea-salt levels suggests that primary marine aerosol (PMA) had a positive impact on the cloud droplet number concentrations of the marine stratocumulus clouds probed during the Eastern Pacific Emitted Aerosol Cloud Experiment (E-PEACE). However, PMA particles may have contributed to the reduction in CDNC with increasing >100 nm particles in the three clouds sampled during Stratocumulus Observations of Los-Angeles Emissions Derived Aerosol-Droplets (SOLEDAD), since supersaturation can be reduced by rapid water vapor depletion by coarse PMA particles."

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