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Identification of a new dust-stratocumulus indirect effect over the tropical North Atlantic
Impact: Here we con?rm previously observed coincidence of stratocumulus clouds and mineral dust over the tropical North Atlantic [Carlson and Prospero, 1972; Ott et al., 1991; Clarke et al., 1996; Powell et al., 1997; Chazette et al., 2001; Ben-Ami et al., 2009; Wang et al., 2011] and the previously identi?ed statistical link between dust load and stratocumulus clouds [Mahowald and Kiehl, 2003; Kaufman et al., 2005]. More generally, we show that dust can behave like other absorbing aerosols in indirectly forcing a response in stratocumulus clouds. In doing so, this work supports the ?ndings of Brioude et al. [2009] and Wilcox [2010, 2012] who found absorbing aerosols above low clouds acted to increase the abundance of low clouds, as well as Johnson et al. [2004] who found an increase in low clouds when absorbing aerosols top a stratocumulus-capped boundary layer. Overall we demonstrate observational and modeling evidence for a robust stratocumulus indirect e?ect in response to mineral dust outbreaks and quantify the radiative forcing. This so-called dust ScIE has potentially large implications for regional climate.

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