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Santa Ana Winds of Southern California: Their climatology, extremes, and behavior spanning six and a half decades

Under climate change, the Great Basin is projected to warm faster than the coastal region, which suggests that SAW occurrence may diminish [Hughes et al., 2011]. However, the reconstructed historical record of SAWs does not thus far support such expectation. Instead, it raises new questions about future SAWs and fire seasons. The only long-term trend that we observe is in the extremes of SAWs, which appears to be related to the mid-1970s North Pacific climate shift....Our empirical results suggest that seasonal ENSO-related prediction of SAW activity and fire risk may be possible, a topic for further investigation. These results taken together with the known sensitivity of regional hydroclimate to global climate change [Polade et al., 2014], warrant a fresh look at climate change projections of SAWs, precipitation regime and fire risk.

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