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A climatology of the California Current System from a network of underwater gliders

Our intention with this work has been to produce a climatology for study of the regional effects on the southern CCS of interannual climate variability. Calculating the mean and annual cycle is an essential step towards the interannual anomalies, and these results have their own value. We hope this climatology will prove useful to anyone interested in the CCS, whether to examine the physical processes quantified by these observations of temperature, salinity and velocity, or to place in context other measurements in the region. For example, we are using the climatology to quantify the mass, heat, and salt budgets during the 2014–2015 warm anomaly and 2015–2016 El Niño (Zaba and Rudnick, unpublished manuscript). We also expect that the climatology will prove useful for validation of regional models of ocean circulation.

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