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Permafrost extent on the Alaskan Beaufort shelf from surface-towed controlled-source electromagnetic surveys

We have demonstrated that our surface‐towed CSEM system can produce maps of the extent of offshore permafrost, which are consistent with well logs. Our surveys were conducted for less than the cost of drilling one borehole, making the surface‐towed CSEM system a cost‐effective method for mapping IBPF in regions without well logs. Further work could include returning to this location when the Beaufort Sea is ice‐free further offshore, which would allow towing across the edge of IBPF to capture the transition to unfrozen sediments. This will give us a baseline extent to monitor future degradation. Additional data collection very nearshore will be useful inputs to models of coastal erosion, where the state of nearshore subsea permafrost will help determine how quickly the coastline erodes.

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