Research at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

The single greatest strength of Scripps is the intellectual range and depth of its academic staff; they have the ability to conceive of the important research not now in sight, and the scholarly standing to bring that research to reality.

Scientific investigations at Scripps Institution of Oceanography span the realms of sea, air, land, and life in efforts to determine how Earth systems work and interact.

Among the more than 300 research programs under way at Scripps, most are interdisciplinary, linking discoveries in one subject to advances in other studies. This approach to basic science is now being applied to how the physical environment affects life systems and to aspects of global change, ocean pollution, and marine resources.

At Scripps, observation, measurement, and collection of samples and data are accomplished on a global scale by extensive shipboard, ground, and aerial operations, including remote sensing by satellite and the use of wide-ranging instrument networks.