About Research Topics

Scripps Oceanography's Research Topics are intended to help visitors find researchers, research papers, news stories, and other items related to specific disciplines.

The 75 topics were selected by Scripps faculty to highlight their research in the broader fields of biology, earth, and oceans and atmosphere.

The topics chosen by individual researchers to represent their work and interests are displayed on their' profile pages in the Scripps Directory. The names link to results pages which display all of the items which have been tagged with that topic, generally starting in early 2014.

Researchers can add or update their selected topics (or their broader Integrated Research Themes) using the profile update form. Changes are generally made within two working days.

If an item doesn't show up on a results page, or if you think a tag was applied in error, we can change the topics for any item on the website. (Topics are generally displayed at the bottom of content pages.) Send your request to scrippsscholarshelp@ucsd.edu with the URL of the page in question and your suggestion for the updated topics.