Scripps Administration

Scripps Administration oversees operations and administrative support for research and academic programs for all areas of Scripps Oceanography. 

Areas of support include administrative computing; business and finance; capital planning and space management; communications; contracts and grants; diversity initiatives; diving program; facilities management; human resources; operations and safety; and web operations.

Steven I. Gallagher

Assistant Vice Chancellor - Marine Sciences
Director of Finance and Operations

Phone: (858) 534-2831

Scripps Administration Office

Terry Raitt

Executive Assistant to the Assistant Vice Chancellor

Phone: (858) 534-2831

Cindy McBurnett

Office Coordinator

Phone: (858) 534-2830

Business and Finance
VCMS Business Office

Overall responsibility for tracking and projecting the financial resources available to the Vice Chancellor, Marine Sciences (VCMS), as well as providing institution-wide reports, analyses, surveys, and documenting policies and memorandums of understanding for new processes impacting Scripps Oceanography's finances and personnel operations.  In addition, oversees the financial administration of the SIO Director’s Office and serves as the financial resource for all Scripps Oceanography units/divisions.

Susie Pike Humphrey

Deputy Director for Finance and Operations

Phone: (858) 534-8655

Joni Ciarletta

Director, Budget and Finance

Phone: (858) 534-2624

Grace Wagner

Pr Admin Analyst

Phone: (858) 534-7238

Suzanne Sprague

Administrative Analyst

Phone: (858) 534-1117

Michelle Tellez

Administrative Specialist

Phone: (858) 534-6427

Facilities Operations and Planning

Institution-wide operations and management, planning and policy development, facilities, departmental safety and regulatory compliance.

Ken Hall

Director of Facilities Operations and Planning

Phone: (858) 822-1312

Capital Planning and Space Management

Responsible for the planning, coordination and execution of capital projects, from new buildings to major renovations of existing buildings to deferred maintenance. In addition to capital projects, we work with individual Scripps scientists to plan renovations to accommodate their research needs.

Space assignments and requests for space are managed in a fair and equitable manner, relative to Scripps Space Policy, in consultation with section heads, division chairs, business officers and individual staff.

Cammie Ingram

Director, Capital Planning and Space Management

Phone: (858) 534-2837

Vikki Cutri

​Capital Planning/Space and Facilities Management Analyst

Phone: (858) 822-7562

​Facilities Management

UC San Diego Facilities Management is responsible for the routine maintenance of campus buildings and grounds. The staff in SIO Facilities Management serve as liaisons to UC San Diego Facilities Management (FM), Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S), and Facilities, Design and Construction (FD&C). SIO Facilities also provides project oversight, as well as lends design and construction expertise to campus building renovations.

Non-urgent service: 
Online Work Request
Urgent Service: (858) 534-2930

For a full list of services provided by UC San Diego Facilities Management visit: Facilities Management

Dennis L. Brand

Facilities Manager

Phone: (858) 534-2730

Gary Wellwood

Assistant Facilities Manager

Phone: (858) 692-6419

Marty Anderson

Facilities Assistant

Phone: (858) 568-4712


Safety/Emergency Preparedness

Allyson Long

Safety Coordinator

Phone: (858) 534-8449

Office of Contract and Grant Administration

The SIO Office of Contract and Grant Administration (SIO OCGA) serves as administrative liaison for activities related to SIO research contracts and grants funded by federal, state, and private agencies. SIO OCGA is a service department with its primary goal to help SIO principal investigators identify and obtain funding for their research. The SIO OCGA staff reviews each proposal and budget for compliance with agency guidelines and University policy; tracks the status of proposals and responds to agency pre-award audits; accepts, negotiates and signs contracts and grants on behalf of the University; processes post-award actions; and ensures compliance with reporting requirements.

SIO OCCA works closely with the UCSD Office of Post-award Financial Services (OPAFS) on award accounting and payment issues, and the UCSD Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Services office regarding intellectual property matters. SIO OCGA represents SIO on various campus research administration committees taking part in policy decisions and process development representing SIO’s viewpoint.

For more information, please contact:

Patty Pace

Phone: (858) 534-4570

SIO Contract and Grant Office staff assignments

Office of Contract and Grant Administration

Staff Human Resources

SIO Administration Staff HR Office serves as the central entity for staff HR activity within Vice Chancellor Marine Sciences. It is a comprehensive unit, providing guidance and expertise on all facets of staff HR.

Amber Fehling

Director, Staff Human Resources

Phone: (858) 534-6836

Daisy Do

Staff HR Generalist

Phone: (858) 822-5329

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Keiara Auzenne

Scripps Diversity Initiatives Coordinator

Phone: (858) 822-4962

Illustration Services

Blaize Mekinna

Phone: (858) 534-8501

Information Technology

Ezra Van Everbroeck

Director, Scripps Information Technology

Phone: (858) 534-8239


Desktop and User Support

Phone: (858) 534-8484


Web Development & Application Programming

Lucina González

Manager, Web Operations

Phone: (858) 534-1701


Network Support

Karin Fong

Network Manager

Phone: (858) 534-8484


Data Center and CoLo

Nate Huffnagle

Lead Infrastructure Services

Phone: (858) 534-0607


Business Intelligence/Reporting

Karen Gerstoft

Administrative Business Intelligence Reporting

Phone: (858) 534-4513


Administrative Database Services

Luis Avila

Administrative Database Services

Phone: (858) 534-5600