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Pier Facilities

Seawater System

Two 1,200-gpm and one 850-gpm pumps supply fresh seawater to a gravity flume system that runs the length of the pier.  Fresh and filtered seawater is available at various locations along the length of the pier.  Raw seawater is available sporadically directly from the seawater flume.  No instrumentation or sampling protocol shall impact performance of the seawater system.

Pier Laboratory spaces

  1. 3 rooms within main pump house facility, 689 asf, for shared use 
  2. Tracom Building A, 7’ x 16’, 112 asf, for shared use
  3. Tracom Building B, 7’ x 16’, 112 asf, for shared use
  4. Tracom Building C, 9’ x 16’, 153 asf, for shared use

Northern and Southern Boom

~20’ extension, ~500 lb load capacity, available for the mounting of instrumentation.

Bridge Crane and Boat Hoist

3-ton capacity hoist supports the launch and recovery of small boats from the pier to the north or south.

Wooden Accommodation Ladder and Diver Platform

A deployable stairway allowing divers access to the sea surface is located on the northwest side of the pier.

Storage Cabinets

16 cabinets @ 12 asf each are located at the head of the pier and are assigned to users as needed.

Misc. Rail, Deck and Pilings

These can be used on a temporary basis for research, so long as use does not interfere with the primary function and infrastructure of the pier and the safety of operations.

Temporary Container/Portable Lab Space

An additional footprint and utilities able to accommodate a seagoing container or equivalent portable laboratory (~8’ x 20’) is available west of the Pier’s main building.

Access to the West End of the Pier

The 8’ to 10’ space between the Tracom Building B and C must be maintained to allow access to the western end of the pier. The space can be utilized, so long as whatever is in the space can easily, and with short notice, be moved.