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Managing Your Online Presence

Directory listings, profile pages, Scripps Scholars, and lab websites

Scripps Oceanography offers a variety of online mechanisms to help faculty, staff, and students communicate, collaborate, and share their knowledge or research.

Directory page display

Directory Listings

The online directory is the starting place to find anyone at Scripps, providing email addresses, telephone numbers, office locations, and affiliations.

  • You will show up in the directory when your basic information is entered in Scripps's People database by Human Resources or your business office. All of your contact information is connected through your email address and Active Directory login.

  • Information for directory is pulled from both the People database and the UC San Diego Faculty/Staff Directory. Your entry on the UC San Diego site links to a form where you can submit changes to basic information such as the spelling of your name, nickname, phone number, lab website, and location.

  • Don't want your formal first name to be what displays everywhere? If you specify a nickname for the UCSD directory, that nickname will replace your first name in Scripps's listings.

Image of a profile page

Profile Pages

If you teach, study, or work at Scripps Oceanography, you will likely also have a profile page on the website. By default, these pages only include the same contact information as your directory listing, but you can request additions and updates to your Scripps profile by submitting a photo, research interests, degree information, a brief bio, and link to an external website.

  • If you have a profile page, your name will link to it from your directory listing. Your profile page also can be found through the website’s search engine and external search engines.
  • If you are a researcher with a Scripps Scholars site, it's expected that your research interests, education, and similar information will be maintained on your Scholars page rather than your profile page.
  • Your profile is also used to supply information to various parts of the Scripps website:


Example of a Scripps Scholars site

Scripps Scholars

Faculty members, postdocs, visiting scholars, and graduate students also can have Scripps Scholar sites, which are expanded profiles which can include biographies, lists of publications and classes taught, and optional features such as blogs. Scholars sites are intended to highlight personal academic work.


Home page of a lab website

Lab Websites

Principal investigators, or staff members managing projects, also can have sites for labs, centers, programs, or groups. These sites use one of two available WordPress themes with content that can range from a few simple pages to sites with blogs to more elaborate structures.




Research publications from current and recent Scripps Oceanography researchers, faculty, and students are posted on the Recent Publications page and individual Scripps Scholars sites. Publications must be Section A material; conference proceedings are not included.

  • We mainly find out about publications from a weekly alert from Web of Science -- which may take weeks to months to index a paper, depending on the journal.
  • To speed the process, you may also let us know about a new paper by emailing the DOI and other relevant information to