On-Site Library Services

For assistance with UC San Diego Library resources, such as books, ebooks, journal articles, databases (Web of Science, BIOSIS, GeoRef, etc.), or services, such as reference assistance, locating citations, reporting problems with online resources and access, or organizing references (e.g. EndNote), please contact the Scripps Institution of Oceanography liaison librarian, Amy Butros

The Scripps Archives and Bookropolis are operated jointly by Scripps and the UC San Diego Library.


Bookropolis is housed in 10 Old Scripps Building and contains accessible student course reserve materials. The Scripps campus pick-up and drop-off location for library materials delivered from the UC San Diego library site is located in the Old Scripps Building Room 22. The large-scale printer utilized by Scripps students and others is located in 10 Old Scripps Building. While access and support for the printer are provided by the Scripps Graduate Office staff, technical support and supplies are provided by UC San Diego's Academic Computing and Media Services.

Phone: 858-534-3261
Email: operations@ucsd.edu
Hours: Bookropolis is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., with access by appointment only from 12 noon to 1 pm.  Every effort is made to accommodate access to Bookropolis during open hours. For noontime access users are requested to call or email prior to 12 p.m. to ensure access and assistance.
Contact: Graduate Office, phone: 858-534-3206, email: siodept@sio.ucsd.edu.

Scripps Archives

The Library continues to provide access to Scripps Archives in the Eckart Building on the Scripps campus, by appointment only. Please contact spcoll@ucsd.edu for an appointment.